Promote North Texas bicycling and community involvement while advancing cycling safety and health benefits. Increase safe routes and trails within local communities by advocating for off-road trail creation, public right-of-way signage and bicycle route creation on new/existing roadways. Provide club members a means to contribute to and promote local charities through participation/contribution to charity rides.


People who bicycle or want to bicycle! Our club is a diverse group of cyclists from Cruisers (10-12 mph average) to Pacers (13-16mph) to Swiftys (17+ mph).We hav brand-new-to-the-sport smiling cyclists, current and former racers, road cyclists, mountain bikers and all those in between.Our members include young to more experienced men, women and families.

We are cyclists who now know other cyclists to ride with, to share experiences with and to learn from.

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Fri, May 04, 2018 11:30 am